Studenski Grad, blok f, tosinbunar, 143, Novibeograd, Srbija


| Materials | 252 pictures 10x13 on cartonsandwich
collaboration with Valentina Ciarapica



| view of the installation, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice, Italy |


The project consists on a photographic cataloguing of all the rooms of the student residence's Blok F in Belgrade, a repeating modular building structure, characteristic of the communist period. For each shot the same viewpoint is used, with the camera located in the middle of the windowsill. A first photo is taken into the room and a second one also with the people who live inside it: they choose where and how to place in space. During the process of cataloguing, some information related to students names, cities of origin and type of ongoing studies are collected. The result is a block consisting of 126 photographs organized as the architectural block that the palace determines. A photograph of the room without people and a photograph of the room with the students inside organized on the 7 floors of Blok F of Studentski Grad. Like a mirror, with the same dimensions, a second block is composed of index cards with the collected information for each room.