[ Claire Bosi ]


[ Claire Bosi (b.1985, Italy) is a French-Italian project designer (research - management - coordination - development), based in Paris. She achieved her BFA degree in 2007 in Visual and Performing Arts from IUAV - Politechnic University of Project Design and the Arts - Arts and Design faculty, Venice (IT). She after specialized in Design and Production of Visual Arts in the same institute and received her MFA in 2011. Her musical education at the Music Conservatory for classical studies (IT) is nodal in her curriculum: there she studied composition, cello, choir, and she graduated in Theory of Music. She has been selected for several exchange programs and research grants in France (University Paris 8 + Movin’Up - Italian Ministry of Culture) and USA (New York University).

Her research interests are in continuous evolution alternating between the theory and practical approach. Her research focuses on the geography of memory related with the present moment, the boundaries between self and space, and the function of memory in the process of one’s identity formation, the autonomy and self-responsibility of the individual within a community and the interconnection of the human being with Nature.

In her work she addresses themes concerning the connection between personal biography and history, the relationship between the dimensions of private and collective experiences, and the narrative power of sound and images linked to their ability to develop a story, focussing on story telling through fragments of everyday life, and giving the viewer the opportunity to develop their own reference imagery.

Her practice is articulated through different languages and mediums ranging from photography to moving images, from installation to sound and participatory - collaborative projects.