[ Claire Bosi ]


[ Claire Bosi (b.1985, Italy) is a French-Italian visual & sound artist, based in Paris. She achieved her BFA degree in 2007 in Visual and Show Arts from IUAV - Arts and Design faculty of Venice (IT). She after specialized in Design and Production of Visual Arts in the same institute and received her MFA in 2011. Her musical education at the Music Conservatory for classical studies (IT) is nodal in her curriculum: there she studied composition, cello, choir, and she graduated in Theory of Music. She has been selected for several exchange programs and research grants in France (University Paris 8 + Movin’Up) and USA (New York University).

Her research interests are in continuous evolution alternating between the theory and practical approach. Her research focuses on the geography of memory related with the present moment, the boundaries between self and space, and the function of memory in the process of one’s identity formation.

In her work she addresses themes concerning the connection between personal biography and history, the relationship between the dimensions of private and collective experiences, and the narrative power of sound and images linked to their ability to develop a story, focussing on story telling through fragments of everyday life, and giving the viewer the opportunity to develop their own reference imagery.

Her artistic practice is articulated through different languages and mediums ranging from photography to moving images, from installation to sound.


L’architettura sonora delle Relazioni is an interactive installation that generates a sound composition translating the movements of the viewer into real-time sound, as if the space between persons and the place they experience could be made tangible by means of sound. A changing and malleable sculpture with endless combination possibilities.

Me, looking at my parents from 210 meters high and 60-steps, is a video in which the artist defines the coordinates of distance from which you look at the relationship with parents, research continues in the video Famille Lovichi, where she completed a performative act on the grave of her French family, is a resolution that the installation Modello A is to document the legal and bureaucratic process to get the mother’s surname (French) added to paternal surname (Italian) that was assigned at birth.

Studenski Grad, blok f tosinbunar, 143, Novibeograd, Srbija is an installation of 252 photographs taken during a period of residence at the Studenski Grad in Belgrade. The artist living personally the experience of living in the minimum space inhabited by young people has created this project. Every picture, taken in the same location for each room, is a catalogue of the possibilities of adaptation to space that shows the power of imagination developed by the individual in order to survive in a limited condition.

The project [Archive # 1], consists of an archive of soundscapes recorded by the artist in his daily life, giving form to compositions and sound installations including the first, [Archive # 1] Venice, where the artist transforms the generic imagery of places through sounds and memories of his experiences, create its new own imagery.

Soundscape - homesound [Archive # 1] is a series of sonic performance that the artist plays in different places, from private homes to places dedicated to art: starting from the objects found in situ, a carpet of sound is created, it becomes the basis for the live performance made solely with concrete sounds recorded, and that they become part of the project [archive # 1].

Research on the sound in relation to the territory, continues with Aphopenia, a project for a site-specific installation developed during the residency in Cancelli, Italy; an antenna is installed on the steeple of the church, the oldest place in the village, spreads Aphopenia loop, using free radio frequencies, in order that the inhabitants of the neighboring countries can listening to it; in the Cancelli's countryside there is no phone line and neither internet.

41 ° 08’24’’ latitude North / / 16 ° 50’49’’ East longitude, a site specific installation, is the result of research carried out during the period of residence in Bari, Italy. Here the sound pervades the 380 steps of San Cataldo’s lighthouse, reaching the outside. An antenna captures live radio fishermen's conversations on their fishing boats. Their voices pervades the ground floor of the lighthouse, where an installation is settled. At the top of the lighthouse a live sound performance take place in the frame time just before the sunset and the turning on of the lighthouse.

Food Open Project, in the course of realization, embraces practices related to mutual respect, collaboration, and the possibility to find other economic systems to fund ideas that could not be realized without a grant: here through the sharing of food and the meeting, social and economics hierarchies are broken.