| FOOD | Open project

2010 on-going

Participatory project
(waiting for fundraising & time)


[ FOOD ] Open Project

> | FOOD | Open Project consists in organizing a meal per season in a domestic space.


FOOD will be held monthly and will host people having a relationship with the city in which the operational base will be located and having an idea they want to realize.

Anyone will be able to present his project by writing to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Besides the presentation of the idea | project to be realized, the interaction with the space in which FOOD will take place is fundamental; the selected persons will have to organize an artistic intervention in the provided place.

In order to be eligible as Guest, it will be necessary to have an idea to fulfill and a free installation project entering into relationship with the place.

The group FOOD Open Project will select from time to time the among the received project proposals the more deserving ones and in harmony with the spirit of the project; the selection committee is composed by the persons in charge of the project for each base.


The intention is to create, after a certain period of experience in each operative base, a network of residences for young artists who will be hosted for one month inside the homes chosen as operative base, with the objective to carry out a site-specific project related to the host territory.

Who is carrying out a project and has participated during the previous year to | FOOD | Open
Project, will be invited into one of the foreign bases for a residence.
 In a time of widespread economic crisis and difficulties in obtaining funds for clear ideas, | FOOD | Open Project proposes itself as a possible alternative: exchange of experiences, ideas, and projects through food, art, and the domestic space.

To share different forms of expression in the perspective of an opening and synergy between interpenetrating disciplines. Architects, artists, designers, graphic designers, musicians, writers, are invited to participate actively in the initiative.

The relationship with the territory is another strong point of the project; the entry into the
domestic and private space that welcoming what is coming from the outside reflects the philosophy of evolved cultural districts. A creative activity that brings social cohesion can do nothing but improve and develop the area where the project takes place.

The project is not just about a reflection on the local urban space, but it also involves the local gastronomic culture in situ and abroad.

Art is the mediator between all these components.

Giving to young persons working in the arts the opportunity to carry out their ideas
 consolidates the cultural territorial humus and increases the realization of artistic projects that enhance the cultural level both locally and internationally.

| FOOD | Open Project is currently in a fundraising phase in order to start the project.



still from the video |FOOD| Open project Berlin