In the vast ocean of air


Sound Composition
for the video work by the artist Hanna Husberg


|In the vast ocean of air (detail), 2016, installation view, Hybrid Matters, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen|



In the vast ocean of air is composed of a video work and five neon signs. The film is set in a region that has been subject to exploitation of natural resources since the early 1600’s - the Arctic archipelago, and former no-man’s land, of Svalbard. Paying particular attention to the materiality of clouds, and to the transmissions and transformations they perform, be they physical, biological, chemical, digital or other, the film reflects upon some of the material exchanges taking place through the atmosphere. The neon signs evoke symbols used for controlling weather indoors; heating, cooling, humidification, air circulation and purification; addressing the homogenized air conditioned indoor spaces many of us inhabit.



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